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The Verizon Foundation recently provided $20,000 to our STOP Domestic Violence Program to help support some staff time, supplies, and mileage costs to implement local educational efforts to help prevent intimate partner violence.

The Stand By Me program's purpose is to promote support for victims of violence and help to deter perpetrators through peer accountability. Part of the plan is to expand the knowledge and support offered by local health teachers, guidance counselors, and young adult educators. The expansion of the leaders' understanding of dating abuse and violence should help them to improve their mentorship of students.

Educators are often unaware of the frequency of which the abuse is happening in their schools/lives. In-services for area health instructors (both middle and high school) with support offering up-to-date curricula on dating violence will be offered. It is anticipated that sessions will be held four times within the year. Sessions will expand beyond teen dating violence to cover roles, stereotypes (gender/racial/LGBTQ), and how power and control issues lead to unhealthy ways of treating people.

STOP DV staff will continue to provide Expect Respect group trainings in a variety of high schools. Groups are created when students sign-up; this is a voluntary group rather than the classroom-based setting of the Stand By Me program. STOP DV staff follow students for the 8-10 weeks providing support and education about relationship issues.

Using video, written materials, and infusing knowledge into present curricula, our staff involved in Stand By Me efforts will travel to rural schools and directly provide one or two day interactive group programs within the class setting with assistance from the STOP Domestic Violence college student interns. Staff is available to provide interactive educational programs and events at high schools, technical schools, and college classes within the area.

For more information on either the Stand By Me or the Expect Respect programs, click here.

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