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Many people find this time of year the most stressful when, in reality, stress permeates their lives all year long. There are various triggers which may accentuate the stressors on our lives and we perceive these few weeks to be the most stressful.

The following are some tips our clinicians have put together to help you realize that you CAN make it through! If, after trying many of these, you still feel as if you cannot get control of the stress, please consider giving BHSN a phone call to find out specifically how you can address these issues in your life (518-563-8206). Or email us today and we'll put you in contact with someone who may be able to discuss your particular situation; please include your daytime phone number in your email.


1. Be gentle with yourself!

2. Remind yourself that you are NOT a magician. We cannot change anyone else - we can only change HOW we relate to them.

3. Find a hermit spot. Use it daily. Spend 7 to 10 minutes alone without any distractions and do whatever you want to: visualize yourself in your ideal vacation spot, see yourself accepting an award for the employee-of-the-year, or choose to do absolutely nothing (how often do you get to do that??!!)

4. Give support, encouragement and praise to peers and to management. Learn to accept it in return.

5. Remember that we are bound to feel helpless at times. Admit it without shame. Caring and being there for others are sometimes more important than doing.

6. Change your routine often and your tasks when you can. Choose a different way to go home from work or to travel to school tomorrow. You'll find yourself noticing and enjoying new things in your life!

7. Learn to recognize the difference between complaining that relieves and complaining that reinforces negative stress.

8. On the way home, focus on a good thing that occurred during the day.

9. Be a resource to yourself! Get creative - try new approaches. Be an artist as well as a technician.

10. Use supervision or the buddy system regularly as a source of support, assurance and re-direction.

11. Avoid "shop talk" during breaks and when socializing with colleagues.

12. Schedule "withdraw" periods during the week - limit interruptions.

13. Say "I choose" rather than "I should, I ought to or I have to." Say, "I won’t" rather than "I can’t."

14. Remember this: If you never say "no" - what is your "yes" worth?

15. Aloofness and indifference are far more harmful than admitting an inability to do more.

16. Laugh and play!

To find out more about the Stress of the Holidays, click here.

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