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"A Vision for Recovery, Rehabilitation and Rights involves a dedication to the belief that all people can grow, change and gain desired opportunities and roles in contrast to perspectives that view some people as ‘too sick’ to reach a vision of recovery. This vision includes recognition for a world free of barriers where all people with psychiatric disabilities enjoy equal rights and opportunities to achieve their maximum potential. A world where equal access, freedom of movement and civil liberties are guaranteed and a world where individuals coping with psychiatric disabilities can freely pursue their goals and aspirations unfettered by the dual burden of stigma and discrimination. Values inherent in this vision of recovery are self-determination, choice, growth, and hope."

(Adapted from NYAPRS' Vision for a Recovery-Centered Mental Health System,
September 2000)


PROS Learning Center is a complete recovery program for anyone 18 and older that brings rehabilitation, support and clinic services together into one plan that supports your ambitions and your hopes. The Individualized Recovery Plan keeps everyone working in the same direction – towards your desired life role.

PROS Learning Center Mission

To partner with participants to learn to live beyond the negative consequences of mental illness and achieve life roles of their choosing with success and satisfaction.

TYPES of PROS Evidence-Based Services:

Family Services - An approach for partnering with you and your family to treat serious mental illnesses. It is designed to help individuals to include their supports (family, friends, neighbors, clergy or others) in their recovery.

Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment - Actively combines interventions to address substance use and mental disorders in order to treat both disorders and the whole person most effectively.

Medication Management - Provides individuals or their supports with information on medications including efficacy and side affects. You will be supported in learning about the affects that medication has on your mental health condition as well as managing your side effects with healthy lifestyle changes.

Supported Employment (Individual Placement and Support) - The IPS model is a group of services designed to assist you with attaining and/or keeping employment. Services address the strenghts and barriers that will ultimately lead to competitive employment and economic self=sufficiency. Sometimes shadowing experiences or volunteer placements are used to help individuals move toward enployment.

Wellness Self-Management - This skill-building curriculum focuses on several aspects of wellness. Optional homework assignments allow you to personalize the material to your own needs.

  • All decisions about your Recovery Plan are made in true partnership between you and PROS staff.

  • The entire plan focuses on your life goals, as you state them.

  • When you sign your Individualized Recovery Plan, you are saying that you were an equal partner in the creation of the plan.

If you would like to find out more about PROS, schedule an appointment with our Intake Coordinator by clicking here.

Supported Education Program

Learning Unlimited is a supported education program which is designed to support individuals with mental illness to further their educational background. Possible goal direction may include acquisition of a High School Equivalency Diploma, pursuing an Associate's, Bachelor's or graduate level degrees, or vocational training.

Supported Employment Program

Resources Unlimited is a supported employment program which assists individuals with psychiatric disabilities in securing and sustaining competitive employment in the community. An employment specialist determines the readiness of an individual and refers him or her to the program. A job developer markets the program to prospective employers and assists in matching positions with the individuals. An employment counselor provides on and off-site counseling, job coaching, advocacy and additional support services, as needed.

If you are someone interested in PROS and would like to download our current brochure, click here.

If you would like to refer someone to PROS, download our current brochure, click here.

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